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Borrow It Blackpool

Borrow It Blackpool is a community powered membership scheme from the Volunteer Centre Blackpool, Wyre and Fylde, that takes in community and business donated items so that they can be loaned back out to members for a small fee.
Through our scheme we hope to make items more accessible especially to those families in Blackpool Better Start wards who are eligible for the reduced annual membership of £5 (RRP £10).  It will also help Blackpool to reduce waste and create a circular economy where recycling, repairing and swapping items replaces buying and consuming new goods.
Our scheme also offers its members a variety of skills workshops (cooking, DIY, decorating and sewing) that will upskill the community and help them live more cost effectively and sustainably.
To register your interest in any of these courses, please email
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Your donation plays a vital role in helping us further our mission and make a positive impact in the lives of those we serve. It is through the support of compassionate individuals like you that we are able to continue our important work and bring about meaningful change.

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