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Borrow It Blackpool Members’ Agreement and Items Policy

1. Members must be age 18 or over to borrow items from Borrow It Blackpool. Borrow It Blackpool will be referred to as "BIB" for the purpose of this Agreement.

2. Only Members of the BIB are eligible to borrow items. Prior to borrowing items, all Members must (a) complete a Membership Application Form; (b) agree the Liability Waiver and Indemnification Form; (c) have their residence confirmed by a BIB volunteer or member of the staff; and (d) Make a payment for their annual membership fee

3. Items have a fee for borrowing, which refers to a five day loan, and must be paid prior to borrowing things from BIB. Borrowing fees pay for items maintenance, replacement parts, new
tools and upkeep of the scheme. For more desirable items, you may need to place a small deposit on top of the loan fee, which will then be returned to you once the loan has ended and the item passes its assessments.

4. The BIB staff are available to assist in explaining operation of items, and can provide any available manuals upon request. However, by taking possession of any item, the Member warrants and represents to BIB that they (a) has no mental or physical incapacity that would affect their ability to use the item safely , (b) is capable of using the item in a safe and proper manner.

5. Only the Member is authorized to use BIB’s items. The Member shall not permit the use of items checked out to them by any other person.

6. Cancellations must be done seven days prior to loan, refunds may take up to 30 days.

7. All items will be lent for a period of five days and are to be returned to BIB on or before their return date deadline. Items may only be returned during BIB opening hours (Monday to Friday: 10am - 3pm). Late fines will be issued for each item kept past the loan period. All fines and fees must be paid in full before Members can borrow additional items.

8. All items are to be returned in the same (or better) condition as they were issued, barring normal wear and tear. All items must be returned clean, otherwise a cleaning fee will be charged.

9. The Member agrees to pay for the loss of or any item. The Member further agrees to accept BIB staff’s assessment of the condition of returned items and staff’s assessment of fair restitution for damage, delinquency and/or loss of items in part or in total.

10. Members may renew each item for a second period if (a) the Member contacts BIB by the day before the item is due to be returned, and (b) no other Member has reserved the item. In an effort to maximize availability of items, the BIB reserves the right to refuse or limit renewals.

11. The Member agrees that BIB is not responsible for any manufacturing defects in quality of workmanship or materials inherent in any borrowed items. The Member agrees that if any borrowed item becomes unsafe or in a state of disrepair, they must immediately discontinue use of the item and notify BIB. BIB will only be liable to you for damage caused by our negligence in failing to tell you about a known fault. We will not be liable for faults of which we are not aware of.

12. When borrowing electrical equipment (the item will have been PAT Tested), the Member must check the visible wires and plug for any damage before use. The Member must take ALL necessary precautions when using the borrowed item. Personal Protective Equipment should be worn where appropriate, including but not limited to, eye protection, ear protection, gloves, appropriate footwear, etc.

13. The Member understands and accepts that in an effort to maximize availability of items to all Members. When items are not returned by the designated due date, BIB will issue an overdue notice by phone call, email, or letter. Fines must be paid in full before borrowing additional items.

14. BIB reserves the right to limit the amount of items borrowed, refuse the loan of any item or request for membership at the staff’s discretion. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, and you agree to abide by the most recent version of this Terms of Use Agreement each time you borrow from BIB.

15. The signing Member affirms that the information provided on the Membership Application is current, true, and correct. The Member understands that this information may be subject to Verification. Any changes must be notified as soon as possible.

16. The signing Member further states that they have read and fully understand the rules and regulations of BIB, and they understand that failure to comply with any of these rules may result in revocation of their borrowing privileges and/or legal action against them. The signing Member has read and signed a Waiver and Indemnification Form, relinquishing any and all claims against BIB.