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Borrow It Blackpool relies on our amazing team of volunteers or as we like to call them our Borrowteers!  There are a range of volunteering opportunities available to get involved in.

All our Borrowteers are fully supported including access to training and development.

Opportunities include:

Volunteer Assessors & Repairers– This role involves testing and checking donated items to ensure they are safe to loan.  It can also include fixing broken items and cleaning of items before loaning. Training in PAT and practical testing will be provided along with specialist equipment. This is a great opportunity for someone who is already qualified in electricals or for someone who would like to learn a new skill in testing and quality control.

Volunteer Transporters – This role involves the collecting of donated items and the delivering of items for members to collect at the Volunteer Centre.  As Borrow It is an environmental project, we are committed to developing a more sustainable Blackpool so transporters will deliver items via cargo bikes.  This is a great opportunity for someone who would like to keep fit while supporting the local community.

Volunteer Membership Coordinators – This role involves dealing with new memberships and membership renewals.  This is an administrative volunteering role working alongside the Borrow It Coordinator so is a great opportunity for someone who is interested in gaining additional skills in administrative work.

Volunteer Loan Coordinators – This role involves managing the loans that come through the website including ensuring stock is available and that items are cleaned and checked by the assessor volunteers and that the item is at the right place for collection. This opportunity would be perfect for someone who is interested in gaining additional administrative skills.

Volunteer Promoters – This role involves going out into the community advertising the scheme and collecting requests of interests.  It would also include attending events and meetings to advertise the benefits of Borrow It.  A promoter will work closely with the organisation's Communications Officer which will involve updating social media platforms, creating videos and marketing materials. This is a great opportunity for someone who wishes to gain skills and experience in advertising and marketing along with social media work.

Please see posters and videos below, for more information!

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